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Wintariff with Blitz TAPI SMDR PRO or Blitz TAPI SMDR in Win7, Win8, Win Server 2008, WinServer 2012

We found the reason why the form does not always work for Wintariff calls.dbf file or record in his log calls using Blitz TAPI SMDR PRO or Blitz TAPI SMDR, if they are installed in Win7, Win8, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012.

There is no ODBC driver for Visual FoxPro in these operating systems by the default .
We did a new installation packet for Blitz TAPI SMDR 2.2.7 and for Blitz TAPI SMDR PRO 3.1.27 with automatic installation the ODBC driver for Visual FoxPro.
If after this Blitz TAPI SMDR or Blitz TAPI SMDR PRO does not form or does not write to the file Calls.dbf, then most likely, ODBC driver vfpodbc.msi you must install yourself.
That`s the last place where we were able to download
vfpodbc.msi .


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