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Blitz Supervisor

Blitz Supervisor is a client workplace for Blitz KX-TD TAPI Server. It is intended for the Supervisor of call center of PBX Panasonic KX-TD/KX-TDA/KX-TDE/KX-NCP.
It allows to watch of operation of operators, to receive statistics of their operation and to estimate efficiency in on-line a mode, and as to receive various reports of operation of operators for any time interval.

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The place of the supervisor allows to solve following tasks:

  • To supervise operation of agents Call-Center and their state for any moment of time (in the core conscientiousness and congestion, statistics of spent time, Busy incoming, Busy outgoing, DND, FWD all, InService, OutServise, Log in, Log out, Ready, Not ready, Wrap up, Idle)
  • The same in on-line a mode. To see what Incoming/Outgoing calls the agent time, what calls are in queue of icoming group.
  • To receive statistics of operation of group of agents Call-Center as a whole and each agent separately for any time interval (an amount of the incoming and outgoing calls, answered, lost in the queue, lost on agents) and to do on it reports.
  • To look at list of the incoming calls on group of agents Call-Center, or outgoing calls by group of agents, including caller number or dialed number, their filtration for any moment of time (not answered waitings answered after 20 seconds etc.)
  • To hear made the archiver of speech to an audio record of necessary calls for control and analysis of conflict situations, training of agents with instructions it on feeble places in negotiations with clients or to show the correct style of talk on an example of more skilled agent etc.

Blitz Supervisor 3.2.0 1. Appeared on-line information about DISA lines and CO lines2. Appeared tab "Address Book" in the report filter "Calls Select" to sort calls by clients, companies or company type.3. There are more items in the "Settings" tab in the report filter "Calls Select".