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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Does your software require that my MS server be a Domain Controller?

There is no necessity that your server be a Domain Controller. But MS Server must be at the same as Blitz CallerId Display.

2.  I want to install our software on computer in network peer-to-pee. Is it possible?

There is no dependence from domain.

3.  When using your software with LAN, may I use windows XP at the server computer?

Unfortunately, you cannot do this, because only 2000 Server and 2003 Server have TAPI Server.

4.  I own a KXTD-1232. We have Caller ID provided by the telephone company but I need to know if my Panasonic system is equipped with the caller ID board... How to identify the caller ID? If you sell the caller ID board?

The card Caller ID KX-TD 193 is inserted into your PBX or into card KX-TD 180 (1 card for 4 CO lines). Caller ID signal which is given by provider can be in MFC and DTMF standards. Card KX-TD 193 supports MFC Caller ID. Card KX-TD 193 DX supports and MFC and DTMF Caller ID. Besides, not all versions of PBX KX-TD 1232 software support cards KX-TD 193.

5.  I want to install Blitz Caller ID software on our Workgroup... Do I need to install anything else to make Blitz Caller ID work?

This is enough for Windows XP, but for Windows 2003 Server may be also you'll need to add a Telephone Service Provider. How to do this you can read here

Add a telephony service provider on a telephony server Windows Server 2003

6.  Can I make calls from you software FROM an extension where the phone is an analog phone?

Yes, it is possible to make a call via TAPI for an analog phone (POTS). In this case 1st the analog is called by the PBX and after the caller lifts the handset , then the real call to the called party is taking place. This is all done atomatically by the PBX.

Blitz Supervisor